Target skills and skill gap


LMS admins can use the target skill and skill gap features to define target skills for their organization. Line managers can assess their subordinates’ proficiency in these skills, and monitor their progress toward defined targets from the Line Manager Dashboard. Learners will benefit from a detailed overview of their current and target skill proficiency in My Training Dashboard, as well as a radar chart, which visually represents their upskilling roadmap.

This article describes how to enable the Target skill and skill gap feature in the Learn365 Admin Center, and how to create target skills for learners and monitor learners’ skill gaps.

For information about the user administration actions available on the Line Manager Dashboard, see this article. For information about team skill proficiency, see this article.


Enable the target skills and skill gap features


To be able to use the LMS365 (Learn365) skills framework, your organization needs to have a subscription for the Skills Management add-on (note that the LMS365 (Learn365) skills framework is included in the Learn365 Freemium subscription type). If you don't have the relevant subscription, a notification will guide you to contact your reseller, partner, or the Zensai Subscription team for further assistance.


To enable the Target skill and skill gap features, go to the Learn365 Admin Center > LMS Configuration > Preview features, and set the Target skills and skill gap toggle to On.



When the toggle is On, LMS admins will be able to define target skills, line managers will be able to view their subordinates’ skill proficiency and skill gaps in the Line Manager Dashboard, and learners will see their skill overview and chart under My Training Dashboard.


Define the target skill rules

As an LMS admin, you can use target skill rules to set criteria that will define learners’ target skills and skill levels.

The criteria are based on users’ properties as defined in the Learn365 Admin Center. The following properties are currently supported:

  • Job title
  • Department
  • Company
  • City
  • Office
  • Country

Depending on your configuration, the values for the properties are taken from either Microsoft Entra ID (Azure Active Directory) or from a specified custom source. To learn more about the columns on Users page, see this article. To learn how to edit the display columns on the Users page, see this article.

To manage target skill rules, go to the Learn365 Admin Center > Global Settings > Skills framework > Target skill rules. The Target skill rules page opens. By default, the rules are sorted alphabetically by Title. You can also sort the rules by the content of the Skills column.

Here, you can add target skill rules, or edit or delete existing ones.

To add a target rule:

1. Select Add target skill rule. The Add target skill rule panel opens.



2. Add a Title for the target skill, for example Project Manager.

3. Select an option from both the Criterion and the Equals drop-down menus.



How often the values in the Equals drop-down menu are synced depends on your configuration. They can be synced with Microsoft Entra ID (Azure Active Directory) once a day or according to your specified settings (if Custom Synchronization is enabled in Global Settings > LMS Configuration > Columns on users page). For more information on custom synchronization, see this article.


To save a target skill rule, you must define at least one Criterion-Equals pair and one Skill-level. You can enter a custom value in the Criterion field if you don’t see an appropriate option.

4. If you want to add another criterion, select Add criterion.

5. Repeat steps 3 and 4 until you’ve defined all the relevant criteria.



If you add the same criterion twice, the Equals values must be unique. The user must satisfy all criteria in order for the target skill rule to apply to them.


6. Select Save.

7. Select Add skills. The Add skills panel opens.

8. On the Add skills panel, complete the fields:

  • Filter by catalog. Select a catalog from the drop-down list to see the skills and categories associated with it.
  • Filter by categories. This field will be present if at least one skill within the catalog has an associated category. Leave the field blank if you'd like to see all the skills within the catalogs. Enter one or more categories to filter the skills. If you enter more than one category, such as "Management" and "Communication", courses that have either the Management or Communication category associated with it will be shown.
  • The Select skills field is required. Select the required skills from the drop-down list. The skills are arranged alphabetically and follow the skill name / level format. Enter the first few characters of a skill name to filter the list.



9. When you've selected all the relevant skills, select Add to return to the Add target skill rule panel, where the skills and levels you've selected will be displayed. Select Clear or choose another catalog to start over.


You can select only one target level per skill. However, you can select multiple skills with different target levels.


10. To change the skill level, select another one from the drop-down menu.

11. Select Save. The selected target skill will be displayed as a new row on the Target skill rules page.


To edit a target rule:

Select the relevant rule and select Edit in the opened Actions panel. The Edit skills panel opens.

Make the changes then select Save.



To delete a target rule:

Select the relevant rule then select Delete in the opened Actions panel.



This action can’t be undone.


Changes that affect target skill rules will take at least 15 minutes to go into effect.


The Skills radar chart on My Training Dashboard

Under My Training Dashboard > Skills, the learners will see their current and target skill proficiency and skill gap percentages, and the number of defined and met target skills. If the number of target skills is between three and twenty, a radar chart will also be displayed with the current and target skills. Otherwise, a bar chart will be shown. To learn more about the target skill and skill gap overview and chart, see this article.

If the learners can't see the Skills section, LMS admins can enable it. For more information, see this article.


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