Integrate LMS365 with Go1 and get instant access to the world's largest online learning library

LMS365 includes a native integration with Go1.

The integration gives you access to the world's largest curated online learning library from top training providers directly from LMS365. This enables you to create and launch valuable courses and training plans for your organization in minutes.

Even customers that don't have a Go1 subscription can benefit from a selection of 20 free Go1 courses that are exclusively offered to LMS365 customers.

This means that, as an LMS365 customer, you now have a modern learning management system that includes high-quality content ready to be delivered to your organization.


Import Go1 courses


To establish a connection with the Go1 content library, you can use your existing Go1 account or, if you haven't got a Go1 account, you can create one in seconds from within LMS365.

Access to the Go1 learning library is made available as an integration connector.


Go1 connected


When the connection is established, you can import Go1 courses into LMS365 to include these courses in the selection of training available from your course catalog. 

Once imported into your course catalog, you can configure Go1 courses like any other course in your LMS365 solution.

Combine Go1 courses into training plans, add a custom quiz to test the understanding of an important course, enroll the appropriate audience to ensure all relevant people will undergo the training, provide certificates and skills for completion, track engagement, and much more.

You now have best-in-class content instantly available in your LMS365 solution, which you can organize and deliver smoothly to your organization using the advanced LMS tools and flows of LMS365.



You won't be able to change the Content section in the course configuration panel of the 20 free Go1 courses.


The Go1 integration is launched in preview to all customers. Customers will need to upgrade to an LMS365 Professional subscription in order to have the Go1 integration option included in their subscription.


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