Training plan updater common solution administrator guide


This Power App/Power Automate common solution enables an LMS admin to select a training plan and mark all of the users who have completed it as In Progress. It will also enroll users into any newly added courses within the training plan. This solution will set all completed users as In Progress even if there were no newly added courses.


Use case

This solution is primarily used for training plans that will have continual updates to the number of courses they contain. By default, adding a course doesn't change the status of users who have already completed the training plan. This can lead to the training plan showing as complete even though all the courses within the training plan may not have been completed.



  • Success Plus or Success Premium subscription.
  • LMS365 (Learn365) API key (full control permissions and created in the customer’s tenant).
  • Power Automate license for admin using solution.
  • Power Apps license required for admin using solution.


How to use the solution

Once installed, open the application and select Start.


Update status to in progress for training plan


Select the relevant course catalog and the training plan, then select Update Progress.


Select course catalog and training plan


This will start the process of updating the status of all the users who have completed the training plan from Completed to In Progress. Users will then be enrolled in any courses within the training plan, including any newly added ones.


Successfully started process for updating users in the training plan


Demo walkthrough of the Training Plan Updater solution

Watch the following video for a detailed demo of the Training Plan Updater Solution.


Install the solution

You'll receive a compressed ZIP file from your LMS365 (Learn365) consultant. This file will contain the files necessary to install the common solution.

1. Save the compressed ZIP file to a secure folder on your computer.

2. Navigate to Power Automate and sign in.

3. Go to the Solutions section and select Import solution.


Power automate import solution


4. Upload the ZIP file to this location and select the two Next buttons.


Import solution summary


5. You'll need to establish a connection for LMS365 (Learn365) via the connector. Select New Connection from the drop-down. If there is already a connection available from the drop-down, select it and continue from step 10 below.


Import solution select a connection


6. In the newly opened tab, enter API as the username and your LMS365 (Learn365) API key (Full Control) as the password.


Username and password


7. Select Create.

8. Close the newly created tab and return to the Microsoft Power Automate tab.

9. On the Apply changes dialog, select Refresh to apply the newly added changes and to show the connection in the list.

10. Select the LMS365 (Learn365) connection from the drop-down and select Import.


Select the connection


11. When the import process is complete, select the LMS365 Training Plan Progress solution from the list.


Select the solution


12. When you first open the Power App, you might be prompted to allow permissions. Select Don’t Allow.


Training Plan updater


13. In the Power App, go to the Data view on the left-hand side.

14. Find the disconnected LMS365 (Learn365) connection, select the horizontal ellipsis (three dots), and select Remove.


Remove connection


15. Once removed, we'll need to add the connection again. Select Add data and search for LMS365.

16. Select the LMS365 (Learn365) connection you want to use.


Select data source


17. Continue to the Power Automate view on the left-hand side to reconnect the Power Automate flows.

18. Select the horizontal ellipsis (three dots) next to any disconnected Power Automate flows and select Refresh.


Refresh power automate flows


19. Use Ctrl + S to save your changes.

20. Use Ctrl + Shift + P to publish these changes.

21. Select Play in the top right-hand corner to test the Power App and ensure that the solution is working.

The solution is now installed.


Share the Power App

To enable users to access the LMS365 Training Plan Progress solution, you'll have to share the Power App. To do this, follow these steps:

1. Select the horizontal ellipsis (three dots) next to the Power App and then select Share from the drop-down menu.


Power automate share option


2. Enter the names of any users who need to use the app. To enable them to edit the app, you can optionally set them as a Co-owner by selecting the checkbox. If you want to notify them, select the Send an email invitation to new users checkbox.

3. When ready, select Confirm in the warning message at the top of the page, then select Share at the bottom of the page.



As you're using connectors assigned to the account that owns the flow, any users added will be able to use the owner’s flows connector in regards to running the flow.


Share training plan progress setting


4. Once shared, close the Share window.

5. Select the Canvas App again, select the horizontal ellipsis (three dots), and select Details.


Power automate details button


6. On the Details tab, save or use the URL in the Web link field to enable you to easily access the Canvas App whenever needed.


Training plan progress setting - Web link


How to Install the Training Plan Updater solution

For a detailed walkthrough of how to install this solution, please watch the following video:


Solution installation files

If you plan to do a self-installation or are being assisted by one of our LMS365 (Learn365) consultants, please download the solution installation file available below.


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