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Currently, AI-driven assistance is available to admins in the Learn365 Admin Center to create content in LMS365 (Learn365).

In this article, we show how catalog admins can use the AI-powered assistance feature in LMS365 (Learn365) to generate skills.

Catalog admins can continue to follow their regular (non-AI) skill creation process even if the AI-driven assistance feature is enabled.

For more information about the methods employed by LMS365 (Learn365) to manage data, ensure privacy, and maintain security in the context of AI-powered features, see this article.



  • The AI-powered assistance feature is released in preview. During this initial phase, we reserve the right to discontinue this service at any time.
  • Currently, we're offering all customers complimentary early access to AI features. The future business model will be influenced by the insights and feedback gathered from this experience.
  • The AI service has internal restrictions that prevent the generation of harmful, offensive, or potentially dangerous content. If such content is detected, the service will refuse to generate it. The administrator will be notified in such instances.
  • Due to the nature of the technology involved, AI-generated content may be incorrect. We are continually developing AI-related features to enhance the quality of generated content.


Enable AI assistance to generate skills

Required role: LMS admin or Microsoft 365 global admin

Before catalog admins can generate skills with AI assistance, you must enable a preview of AI-enhanced features. 

For information about how to enable AI-powered assistance features in LMS365 (Learn365), see this article.


Generate skills with AI

Required role: catalog admin.

This section covers how to generate skills from the Generate skills panel.

1. Go to the Learn365 Admin Center > Catalog settings > Skills framework > Manage Skills > Generate skills with AI. The Generate skills panel opens.

2. On the opened Generate skills panel, select the relevant, predefined Keywords and/or enter new ones. AI will use these to generate skills. Keywords are skill areas that you want to cover.

3. Select the relevant Skill level set from the drop-down list. The Default skill level set is selected automatically. This skill level set includes the following levels: Unassigned, Poor, Below Average, Average, Above Average, and Outstanding.

4. Define the number of skills you want to generate. You can define between one and 50 skills. The number of skills generated may be lower than you requested because of the information you've provided.

5. Select the language for the generated skills from the Output language drop-down list.

Keep the default setting (Input language) to generate the skills in the same language used in the source content or choose any language supported by Microsoft from the drop-down.

For more information, see Languages supported by AI in this article.

6. To additionally generate a skill category and tags, drag the Generate skill category and Generate skill tags toggles to On. Adding categories and tags enhances learners' search experience. Learners can filter skills by category on My Training Dashboard. If these toggles are On, one category and up to three tags will be created when skills are generated.


Generate skills


7. Select Generate to generate the skills. To cancel the action, select Close.

The amount of time it takes to generate the skills depends on the complexity of your request.

Once the skills have been generated, the Select skills to add panel will open on the Skills tab. Here, you can preview the AI-generated skills before choosing whether you want to save them.

8. On the opened Skills tab of the Select skills to add panel, all the AI-generated skills are displayed. Use the Search field to find the relevant skill. The search runs on each of the column names on the Select skills to add panel.

You can sort the information by selecting the relevant column heading.

The Generated skills counter in the bottom right-hand corner of the panel shows the number of AI-generated skills.

If the title of an AI-generated skill exactly matches a skill that's already recorded in the current catalog, a triangle warning icon will be displayed next to the skill name and two filter icons will be displayed at the top of the Select skills to add panel. Here, you can choose to show only unique skills (the gray tick icon) or skills whose names already exist in LMS365 (Learn365) (the gray exclamation point).


Generate skills panel - search, filters, generated skills counter, and duplicates


9. If you want to edit the skills before saving them, or investigate a duplicate skill, select the relevant EditEdit iconicon. The Edit skill panel opens.

This would be particularly helpful if you want to make small changes to skills before saving them. For example, you might want to change a skill title to resolve a duplication issue. You can edit the Title, select a different Skill Level Set, and add or delete Categories and Tags.


Edit skill


10. Select Save to save the skill, or Cancel.

If the changes you made resolved a duplication issue, the numbers next to the filter icons will refresh. Once all duplicates are resolved, the filters will no longer be displayed.

11. Select the checkbox of the skills you want to save in LMS365 (Learn365). To select all skills, select the checkbox next to the Title column heading. On the Selected tab, you'll see only the selected skills. The number of selected skills is displayed in the tab heading.

You can't save skills that are marked as duplicates. Any skills you don't deselect will be lost.

12. Select Save to save the selected skills, or Discard. If you discard the AI-generated skills, these skills will be lost. This process can't be undone.

If you try to save a skill that is marked as a duplicate (the skill has the triangle warning icon), the following warning message will be displayed at the top of the Select skills to add panel: A skill with the same title already exists in this catalog.


Select skills to save on the Generate skills panel


As a result:

  • AI will generate skills.
  • The generated skills will have a title, skill level set, and (optionally) a category and tags.
  • The number of skills generated may be lower than you requested because of the information you've provided.


Languages supported by AI

The AI-powered assistant understands languages that are supported by Microsoft. Generated content can be in the same language as the content you provided or a different one.

AI might generate content in an unexpected language if you provided content in several languages or if you provided insufficient content.


Feedback and questions

If you have any questions or comments about using the AI-powered features, or have questions about compliance or privacy, contact us at

If you have suggestions, proposals, or input on how we can enhance the AI-driven features, we invite you to contact your Customer Success Manager directly, or reach out to the Customer Success team by sending an email to

If you encounter issues related to AI-powered features in LMS365 (Learn365), you can submit a request to Zensai Product Support.


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