Scope of Freemium features and how to upgrade to a paid subscription


Learn365 Freemium is a free subscription type that enables you to employ LMS365 (Learn365) for up to 100 monthly enrollments.

In this article, we will describe the scope of the Freemium features, the restrictions of the Freemium subscription, where to find more information about Freemium, and how to upgrade from Freemium to a paid subscription. We will also provide information on what will happen to the resources you have created in Freemium when you upgrade.


What is the scope of the Freemium features?

There is a range of subscription plans to suit your needs. As a general rule, all features of the paid subscriptions are available as part of Learn365 Freemium, but some features have limitations. Read about the limitations in the next section of this article.


Are there any restrictions when using Learn365 Freemium?

With the Learn365 Freemium subscription, you can:

  • Create one course catalog.
  • Create eight courses or training plans.
  • Have up to 100 new enrollments per month.



  • Once you create a course or training plan, it will always count as one of your allowance of eight courses or training plans, even if you later delete it.
  • Courses that are added via the Import external training data option on the Users page don't count towards your allowance of eight courses or training plans.


There are some restrictions when using Learn365 Freemium:

  • Group enrollment using Microsoft Entra (Azure Active Directory) or Microsoft 365 groups won't be allowed.
  • Purge user won't be available.
  • Purge learner history won't be available.
  • Purge course API end-point won't be available (API methods will adhere to the general Freemium limitations).
  • Delete course catalog won't be available.
  • Offline SCORM player won't be available in the Learn365 mobile app.


Where can I find more information about Learn365 Freemium?

Learn more about Learn365 Freemium here.

For information about how to install and set up your Learn365 Freemium environment, see this article.


What content is included in Freemium?

The Learn365 Freemium subscription allows you to create eight custom courses or training plans.

With Freemium, all new course catalogs will include free sample courses that are ready to be published and made available as learning content of the course catalog. The content of the sample courses will be on the topic of LMS365 (Learn365) and the Microsoft 365 suite and can help people in your organization get the most out of these services.

The courses may be useful when learning how to use LMS365 (Learn365) and can act as inspiration by showing how training can be built. The selection of sample courses will be updated continually. This means that as more ready-to-go courses are made available, more, and perhaps a different selection of courses, will be included in new course catalogs in the future. These courses don't count towards the eight courses and training plans limit. However, enrollments in these sample courses count towards the 100 monthly enrollment limit.

Learn more about the LMS365 (Learn365) paid subscriptions.


How can I upgrade my Freemium subscription?

Benefit from the full range of LMS365 (Learn365) features by upgrading to one of our paid subscription plans.

To request an upgrade, go to Learn365 Admin Center > Course Catalog Management, select Upgrade Plan on the top right-hand side of the page, then complete the Get a quote form.

You can also complete the Get a quote form by going to Global Settings > Subscription Information and:

  • Select Get a quote in the STANDARD, PROFESSIONAL, or SELECT column. The required Subscription Plan is selected automatically in the opened Get a quote form.
  • Select Upgrade Plan on the top right-hand side of the page, then complete the Get a quote form.

One of our experts will contact you to discuss your request.




If I upgrade my subscription plan from Freemium, will I lose my courses and training plans?

No. All the courses and training plans you have created will still be available after the upgrade.


Go1 and Viva Learning integrations with the Freemium subscription plan

You can integrate LMS365 (Learn365) with Go1 and feature Go1 courses in LMS365 (Learn365). You can also integrate with Microsoft Viva Learning and feature LMS365 (Learn365) courses in Viva Learning.

Importing Go1 courses into LMS365 (Learn365) enables you to view and manage Go1 courses, side by side with other courses and training plans in your organization, via the Training Management page.

  • Promotional courses that you import from Go1 don't count towards the eight courses and training plans limit. However, enrollments in Go1 courses count towards the 100 monthly enrollment limit.
  • It isn't possible to add or delete learning items on the Content tab for promotional Go1 courses.
  • You can delete Go1 courses from a course catalog in the usual way.

For information about integrating LMS365 (Learn365) with Go1, see this article.

For more information about integrating LMS365 (Learn365) with Viva Learning, see this article.


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