Introduction to the AI features available in LMS365 (Learn365)


AI-driven assistance is available to admins in the Learn365 Admin Center.

In this article, we'll provide you with an overview of how AI-powered features can help you to efficiently and effectively create content and find training in LMS365 (Learn365). We'll also show how to enable generative AI features.



  • The AI-powered assistance feature is released in preview. During this initial phase, we reserve the right to discontinue this service at any time.
  • Currently, we're offering all customers complimentary early access to AI features. The future business model will be influenced by the insights and feedback gathered from this experience.
  • The AI service has internal restrictions that prevent the generation of harmful, offensive, or potentially dangerous content. If such content is detected, the service will refuse to generate it. The administrator will be notified in such instances.
  • Due to the nature of the technology involved, AI-generated content may be incorrect. We are continually developing AI-related features to enhance the quality of generated content.


In this article:


Enable generative AI features in LMS365 (Learn365)

Required role: LMS admin or Microsoft 365 global admin

Before admins can create content with AI assistance, you must enable a preview of AI-enhanced features. 

For information about how to enable AI-powered assistance features, see this article.



Admins can continue to follow their regular (non-AI) content creation processes even if the AI-powered assistance feature is enabled.


Create quizzes, quiz questions, and question pool questions with AI

Required role: catalog admin or course admin.

For information about how to create quizzes, and quiz and question pool questions with AI assistance, see this article.

You can generate quizzes and questions from either text or an uploaded video.


Create e-learning courses with AI

Required role: catalog admin.

For information about how to create e-learning courses and, optionally, a related quiz with AI assistance, see this article.

You can generate e-learning courses from either text or an uploaded video.

Course admins can edit and manage courses after they're created.


Generate skills with AI

Required role: catalog admin.

For information about how to generate skills with AI assistance, see this article.


The AI-powered chatbot

Currently, the AI-driven chatbot is integrated and available to users via the Chat tab in Teams. This AI-powered assistant helps users find relevant training within course catalogs.

By default, the regular chatbot is available to all users via the Chat tab. When the AI-powered chatbot is enabled, it becomes the only available chatbot to users.

For information about the AI chatbot feature, how to enable it, and illustrate how users can leverage it to reach their educational goals, see this article.


Languages supported by AI

The AI-powered assistant understands languages that are supported by Microsoft. Generated content can be in the same language as the content you provided or a different one.

AI might generate content in an unexpected language if you provided content in several languages or if you provided insufficient content.


LMS365 (Learn365) and Artificial Intelligence (AI): data, privacy, and security

For more information about the methods employed to manage data, ensure privacy, and maintain security in the context of AI-powered features, see this article on the Trust Center.


Feedback and questions

If you have any questions or comments about using the AI-powered features, or have questions about compliance or privacy, contact us at

If you have suggestions, proposals, or input on how we can enhance the AI-driven features, we invite you to contact your Customer Success Manager directly, or reach out to the Customer Success team by sending an email to

If you encounter issues related to AI-powered features in LMS365 (Learn365), you can submit a request to Zensai Product Support.


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